Thank you for checking this blog out, my name is Tomas Kraus as most of you know by now. I’m a freelance photographer based out of Canada, mostly working in the West region covering Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, the Island, Seattle and even into California. My company is Tomas Kraus Photography and I’m currently on the roster of Ari Representation at www.arirep.com, my current agent representing me. My work consists of mostly People and lifestyle but often we shoot outside of this genre as well. Working as a commercial artist we get hired for location photo shoots anywhere. My favourite place to work is definitely Maui, Hawaii, where we have photographed many times for swim-wear fashion. With the use of the internet these days things have changed and so clients can access us from all over the world. I do work on assignment mostly but we also sell stock photography through a number of different venues. I’ve loved what I do for a long time now and everyday is a different challenge. I feel extremely lucky to have such talented resources around me and so we keep things light, after all we are artists with-ought egos.

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